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Is Your Soil Alive? It Should Be!

It has long been known that healthy soils result in healthy plants. But did you know that the healthiest soils are actually alive? A naturally healthy soil is teeming with microscopic life forms. In fact, the largest eco-system on the planet exists in the top six inches of the soil layer. Modern-day construction practices and synthetic fertilization methods destroy these natural eco-systems. Fortunately, we can help change this cycle – by building a natural soil eco-system for healthy plants while protecting our precious water resources.

Circle Organics is proud to offer a truly revolutionary line of organic soil amendments, fertilizers, and natural inoculants, formulated over 35 years by a highly acclaimed organic scientist and award winning researcher. Circle Organics products help establish the most naturally healthy soil structures, while providing the highest counts of living CFUs (colony forming units) with optimal microbial diversity. These living colonies will help the plant make the most of available resources within the soil, but will do much more. They also collect and retain moisture, and acquire the essential nutrients needed to grow healthy plants. The way the world fertilizes will never be the same.  Our product line provides a complete solution for the home gardener, landscaper, or grower.  We also offer a complete line of products for the professional grower or commercial landscaper.

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